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Our single use PET kegs are here to help you overcome the challenges of long distances as well as save the cost of transporting.

Disposable PET kegs are suitable for a range of beverages including beer, wine, cider and carbonated soft drinks. PET kegs can be supplied either complete and ready for filling or as preforms which are inflated to full size locally. The kegs are delivered clean and micro-biologically sterile.

PET kegs are currently available in two sizes: 20 or 30 liters

One-way PET kegs.

20 l. | 30 l.


PET kegs are equipped with “A” type locking.


Our PET kegs pressurized by Carbon dioxide 1.5 – 2 bars.

Max. working pressure – 3 bars.


Effective barrier additives prevent oxygen from entering the contents.


Durability – The manufacturer produces both 30 l. and 20 l. kegs from completely identical 499 ± 20 g. workpiece which makes 20 l. PET keg extremely durable and resistant to external influences.


Fast and reliable shipping services


Non-standard disposable cardboard pallets allows you to export larger quantities of empty PET kegs.

19L PET water KEG

We are happy to introduce this product – especially light and durable bottle intended for use on the cooler.


Production material – only primary polyethylene terephthalate.

Color is transparent blue (a different color is possible at the request of the client).

  • Weight – 390 g. / 370 g.
  • Volume – 19 l.


  • ⌀ – 267 ± 2 mm;
  • h – 490 ± 3 mm.
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KegPlast (JSC Vainora LT, Lithuania), is dedicated to providing our clients with the high quality 20 or 30 liter capacity single-use PET kegs, which can be used to transport beer, wine, cider and other beverages. Please contact us, if you would like to discuss your requirements with us directly.

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