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Single use PET kegs are suitable for a wide range of beverages.
Our products will help you to overcome the challenges of long distances and save the cost of transporting.
Delivered clean and micro-biologically sterile.

Designed to hold of liquid nutritional origin products

Single use polymeric keg available with “A”, “M” or “S” type locking. Capacity available in 20, 30 l.

  • Patented, exceptionally reliable fixing fitting;
  • Threaded fastening fitting construction;
  • Both, keg and fitting are extremely stable and durable;
  • Specially designed polymeric “A” type fitting with a precise exhaustion locking head;
  • Reliable use: the inner part of the fitting has a glass form, which is poured from a solid material and with its sides relies to the inside gutters of the preform (workpiece) for this reason by pressing the inlet head the parts cannot get inside;
  • Effective barrier additives are designed in purpose to prevent oxygen from getting into the content: The shut-off valve and wrist-piston are designed as follows, the movement of the valve by the wrist-piston is limited by a special flange, and the valve has a sealant which completely reduces possibility for the gas to get outwards;
  • Extremely durable 20 liters PET keg: the manufacturer produces both 30 l and 20 l kegs from completely identical workpiece;
  • Pressure maintenance is guaranteed by 7 atmospheres;
  • The closing fitting can be used repeatedly;
  • Keg together with fitting weight do not exceed 499 g;
  • For production there are used only the highest quality raw materials, which complies with the highest world quality standards;
  • The company produces strong and light top and bottom filling adapters which are intended for automated lines;


We have two types of “A” and “M” fittings and assemble them with PET kegs. S-type fitting will be released this year.
Production and sales volumes of PET kegs are increasing by 100 % and more each year. This is due to the remarkably strong and durable construction of the PET keg and the well-designed and extremely reliable sealing fitting.

Fitting is secured with a reliable threaded fastening construction which is based solely on threaded connectors. Connectors are highly reliable under high pressure inside the keg.

Fitting walls are formed on the principle that even with external impact or accidental fall of the keg, as well as attempting to lift the full keg while holding the fitting, the content of the keg is not affected and is protected from being de-pressurized.

The upper part of the fitting has a recess that makes the fitting head and keg coupling easier to center and protects the contents of the air, ensuring sterility and tightness.

The inner part of the fitting (a round container entering the preform) is integral. It safely engages the specially designed curbs with notches in the inner part of the preform, which ensures that no component of the fitting will be able to enter the keg even if the filling head is pressed firmly.

Fitting sealing valve and finger-gun are designed so that valve movement with finger thread is controlled by a specially fitted curb, and the valve itself has a tightly squeezing “skirt” that fully prevents any leakage of gas.

A type fitting

G type fitting

S type fitting

Coming soon

Adapter for automatic lines



Universal sealed cap of a PET keg

For the convenience of our partners we have developed a disposable universal sealed cap for a PET keg. Kegs are hermetically sealed during the production process to prevent leakage during the transportation to the final customer.

All the types of our PET kegs can go with sealed caps that can also be customized in color or have a personalized logo of your company.

Premium BOX

basic box



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Handle foto 1
Handle foto 2
Foto handle 4
Handle foto 4


Retal, our reliable partner, is a global leader in PET packaging production with great experience, providing modern technology and advanced solutions. Together with Retal we have developed unique technology to design these new products – preform and fitting.
For those manufacturers who have their own PET blow machines we offer a solution to meet your needs: preform and fitting set. It will allow you to lower the production cost of PET kegs by reducing the cost of transportation.


  • Weight – 390 g.;
  • weight together with fitting – 475 g.;
  • height – 290 mm;
  • length together with fitting – 300 mm;
  • diameter ⌀ – 60 mm.
  • 1 LKW can hold 30240 units (1680 units per pallet, 84 units per box).

Water KEG

  • Weight – 390 g.;
  • height – 330 mm;
  • diameter ⌀ – 267±2 mm.
  • 1 LKW can hold 44660 units (1540 units per pallet, 77 units per box).
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